Light Up Your Life



As we all are looking towards the New Year with hopes of better and brighter days, I thought a little discussion about lighting would be appropriate! With so many types of lighting available, it can sometimes get a little confusing when trying to create ambiance for your home or office.


Basically, there are three types of lighting: Ambient or General lighting, Task lighting and Accent lighting.  I will explain how each type is used and how to use them effectively. 

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the light that fills up you room. It can come from natural light or from fixtures that make it seem as “natural” as possible. Ambient lighting helps you move about your space freely and safely, but is not ideal for projects like knitting or reading or to accent art or objects around your home. Some fixtures that create ambient light are chandeliers, pendants and recessed lights. Below are a few examples from my October Market trip to High Point, NC.



Task Lighting

Task lighting is more concentrated light and is used primarily for…doing tasks! Reading, crafts, cooking, writing, etc. Task lighting works best when it is the brightest light in the room, so as not to create shadows or glare. This contrasting light also helps you stay more alert and focused on your task. Fixtures that focus task lighting are table and floor lamps, under cabinet lights and bathroom vanity lights.



Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to draw your attention to an object or area, to highlight a point of interest. It often adds a lot of drama to the room or item it is focused on. Much the way a museum uses light to accent artwork, you, too, can use it accent art or areas around your home. Some examples of accent lighting are wall sconces, recessed spotlights and track lighting.





I hope I have been able to “shed some light” on the art of lighting. If you would like to light up your life, I can be reached at or 941-205-2957.


Allison Fenn, ASID