Handyman Services &
Home Maintenance Program

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Jim Sanders, President, FCMB, GMB, CAPS, CGR. CGP

Handyman Services

SandStar Remodeling is a general contractor fully licensed & insured for ANY type of construction services in Charlotte County, even “handyman” jobs.

Don’t hire unlicensed or under-licensed workers!

A local business Tax Receipt is NOT a LICENSE to practice contracting.

A person who holds a local business tax receipt as a “handyman” cannot perform any phases of construction. They can only perform work such as re-screening, mowing lawns, carpet and linoleum installation, changing door locks and light bulbs, cleaning gutters, and window tinting.

License #s—CGC013881 / CGC1522839
Standard Rate: $75 per hour* (Portal to portal plus cost of products)
*Price is subject to change and not guaranteed.

Typical Handyman Projects

  • High Ceiling Projects (Light fixtures, light bulb replacement, smoke alarm/battery replacement​)
  • Doors (Lock set replacement, hinge replacement, bifolds)
  • Ceiling Fans (Replacement & repairs)
  • Minor Stucco repairs
  • Minor Plumbing (Repair/replace kitchen & bathroom faucets)
  • Painting (Limited)
  • A/C Filter Replacement
  • Tile Repairs & Grout Touch-Ups
  • Drain Pipes & Clogs
  • Garbage Disposal Replacement
  • Hang Pictures/Artwork

Yesterday Tim came quickly to repair our bathroom pocket door after we called SandStar for help with this repair. We just want to say that he is a gem.  He is very professional, discusses the scope of work, is very neat and tidy and does excellent work. Thank you for employing such a wonderful person.

Joanne C.

Home Maintenance Program

What is our Home Maintenance Program?

Just as your vehicle needs preventative maintenance to run efficiently and to help avoid the stress and cost of major issues, so does your new or existing home. Think of these as “health check-ups” as we will address items that need attention monthly, semi-annually and annually, that are not covered by a warranty but necessary to keep your home running properly.

More than a Home Watch Service.

Under the SandStar Home Maintenance Program, we can offer more than a typical home watch service because we go beyond only checking for issues as we will also start the process to address and fix them.

Home or away, you need a company you can trust and with the experience needed to properly care for and maintain one of your most valuable assets; your home.

Contact us for your free assessment. We will come to your home and review all the items you want maintained and / or require maintenance. You pick and choose which items and the frequency.

Your personal SandStar Home Maintenance Plan will be tailored to suit YOUR needs. Call (941) 637-8080 or fill out the contact form below.

Typical Maintenance Items Include

  • Test smoke/carbon monoxide alarms and clean detector openings with a vacuum
  • Check gutters, downspouts and under-ground drains for blockage
  • Clean roof valleys and gutters
  • Check dryer vents and around appliances for dangerous lint/dust build-up and clean
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Check screws on lock sets and hardware
  • Check for separations in caulking around sinks, tubs, counters and backsplashes
  • Check for separations in caulking around ceramic floors, walls and window sills
  • Inspect and re-caulk, if necessary, around all exterior openings
  • Check cabinet drawers and hinges for proper alignment
  • Inspect water supply lines and valves to sinks, toilets, etc.
  • Inspect faucet aerators, spray nozzles and drains
  • Inspect pipes and drains for leakage
  • Inspect window, door and enclosure screens
  • Lubricate moving parts on garage over-head door
  • Lubricate bi-fold doors and swing doors
  • Touch up ceramic tile grout as necessary
  • Inspect skylights, roof vents, etc. for loose flashing or gaps in caulking
  • Drain the water heater
  • Flush a tankless gas water heater


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