We hope that each of these topics will help to make your remodeling project easier to work through…..

General Remodeling

  • Cover doorways into other rooms with plastic…and don’t forget the air conditioning vents! This will keep most of the dust contained to just the area being remodeled.
  • To keep things dust-free, pack everything that won’t be needed into boxes and store in another area of the house or garage.
  • Keep essential items handy – essentials will differ depending on the area being remodeled (see below for specifics related to each area)
  • Since it usually takes a few weeks to have custom cabinets delivered, most contractors will wait until cabinets have arrived before tearing out your current cabinets, commode and tub/shower. Be sure to clarify this point with your contractor.
  • If you’re going to be living in the house while the reconstruction is going on, you should discuss with your contractor:
    -The times that work will be started and completed each day
    -Establish that your home is a “no smoking” residence &
    -Make sure the area will be left “swept clean” each evening
    when the crew leaves.

Kitchen Remodeling

  • Kitchen essentials to keep handy: basic food that can be microwaved, condiments, cereal, microwave-safe dishes and utensils, dishcloths, dishwasher soap, paper plates and cups, coffee, coffee pot and sugar/creamer, paper towels, napkins, and trash bags.
  • You will be without water in the kitchen for the duration of the remodel. You may need to do dishes in another sink or the bathtub for awhile. Set up this area as a wash station. Disposable plates, cups, glasses and utensils will keep clean up to a minimum.
  • Create a workstation to set up the microwave, refrigerator and a table for prepping foods. An outdoor grill is the perfect solution for cooking, too.
  • Eating out or bringing in take-out is a great option during a renovation. Start collecting restaurant coupons in advance for the nights when you really want to eat out.
  • Relax and rely on your SandStar Remodeling kitchen designer. There will be a beautiful kitchen when all the dust is gone!


Bathroom Remodeling

The main challenge in bathroom remodeling is…do you have a second bathroom? And…does it have a shower? In a total bathroom renovation it could take at least four weeks to complete and most of that time you will be without water or facilities. Portable outdoor structures* (Port-a-Potty) are available to replace the commode but the shower/bath could be a problem if you don’t have an additional full bath – not just a powder room.

Assuming you do have a second full bath:

  • Essential Bath items to keep handy: toothbrushes & toothpaste, soap, grooming items, towels, first aid kit, etc
  • If your house is in a warm climate a temporary cold water outdoor shower could be installed – complete with privacy enclosure – and removed later or it could be made permanent and used as a great place to clean up after a day of gardening or yard work.
  • If you are in an apartment or a house without an outdoor area, the possibility of using a new one piece shower/tub unit would facilitate the installation process and could have you back in your bathroom in much less time.
  • The option to move out and enjoy some time at a hotel, with friends or relatives or taking a vacation is always a good one.
  • Whatever you choose…..you’ll be able to enjoy a fabulous new bathroom experience when all the reconstruction is completed!

*Check with your local building department about codes pertaining to portables