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Drywall Repair - Paint Touchups - Tile Repair - Doors/Windows
High Ceiling Projects... ANY Home Repair!

Did you know?
Charlotte County "Handyman" Licenses are restrictive as to the type of work a "Handyman" can do?*
Did you know?
SandStar Remodeling is a General Contractor fully licensed and insured to do ALL types of construction services even Charlotte County "Handyman" jobs?

We're Licensed and Insured - Check on Us **

 SandStar Remodeling Charlotte County Handyman Services:

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Standard Rate: $65 per hour - portal to portal plus cost of products

SandStar Remodeling is a General Contractor fully licensed & insured for ANY type of construction services even Charlotte County "Handyman" jobs.

Celebrating 30 yrs Building & Remodeling in Charlotte County! 

Don't hire Unlicensed or
Under Licensed workers!

*Did you know? A local Business Tax Receipt is Not a LICENSE to practice contracting.

A person who holds a LOCAL BUSINESS TAX RECEIPT as a "HANDYMAN' cannot perform any phases of construction. They can only perform work such as rescreening, mowing lawns, carpet and linoleum installation, changing door locks and light bulbs, cleaning gutters, window tinting.

**You can verify whether any CONTRACTOR is licensed in CHARLOTTE COUNTY and whether there are any complaints filed against him/her by calling 941-743-1201 or 743-1245 or by checking the Charlotte County website at charlottecountyfl.com and follow the link for Permitting and Licensing.