Window Treatments for Arched Windows

Whatever your style… traditional or modern… covering a window is always a central focus in any design scheme.

Olena Turkalo

Design Consultant





Windows will let the light in and protect us from weather and sound. But we also need privacy. Covering some windows can be a challenge because of shape or size. What to do? Let’s take a look at some window covering options for ARCHED windows.


This traditional room has an elegant arched window with architectural detailing. The wood rod is painted gold with two curtain panels on gold rings. These panels don’t function; they are purely decorative and accentuate the size of the room.  All curtains will eliminate or deaden echoing in any house which is especially needed in a room with such high ceilings. These curtains accentuate and frame the window details with their cartridge pleated headers and fringes along the leading edges of the panels. Using a large diameter rod is best to balance the large window moldings. Here the panels are used as a floor to ceiling/wall to wall format. And remember, Gold is IN again!

 These arched windows are installed with roller shades for a more casual appeal. The white walls, white cabinetry, white shades, white furniture create a light and fresh feeling to the room. The shades can be lowered to the bottom of the window giving privacy to the space without closing off the windows completely. Leaving the window arches uncovered enables you to see the sky and trees creating an expansive feeling in the room. Lovely, bright and happy.

Custom made oval plantation shutters provide an excellent and unique solution to covering these challenging windows. Adding the shaped headboard between the windows perfectly balances the entire wall creating this welcoming and successfully designed bedroom.



Roman shades for arched top windows can be fabricated to fit any arch shape and the shades can function or remain stationary in a folded position.  This photo shows the interesting addition of bold and brightly colored prints to this white kitchen.



Lucite curtain hardware hides the rod giving this traditional window a more modern appearance. The beauty of the arched window is clearly seen without the obvious horizontal line of the curtain rod above.



Simple, sweet, soft and pretty. The decorative scarf works nicely on this arched window. Keeping the color palette neutral produces an appealing quiet and serene room. Sheer curtain panels could also be installed on the windows below the arch giving some additional privacy while keeping the arch above open.



Tiebacks can be used instead of curtain rods to follow the shape of any arched window. These panels are stationary and drape in pretty soft pleats. Tiebacks are available in a variety of styles to fit any color scheme or room style.
We at SandStar Interiors have a full array of curtain hardware options along with thousands of fabric samples and shade selections to fit any design. Fancy or simple, elegant or casual, traditional or modern; bring your thoughts and ideas and we’ll make your dreams come true.







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