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High Point Market, High Point, North Carolina


As you may already know from our previous newsletter, SandStar Interiors will be attending the High Point Market again this year. Held in its namesake city, High Point, North Carolina, it is the largest International Furniture and Home Furnishings trade show in the world! This alone is an astounding statement because there are other international home furnishings trade shows held annually in Paris, France and Germany, not to mention smaller regional trade shows around the world and even national trade shows in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Dallas. I’m happy to say that the good ol’ USA wins again with the latest and greatest.


High Point Market


During “Market” the normal activities of High Point and its surrounding towns change dramatically to accommodate the swell of 1 million people who travel from all over the world to the show. Although the city of High Point is growing, it’s still a small city and cannot easily house such a large influx of people.  Many of the local residents rent their homes out to companies who need lodging for their employees attending the show or to merchants and buyers coming to place their orders for the year.  Not only does this help with the residents’ household incomes but also provides attendees with a pleasant place to stay for the week! Virtually every store in America buys from vendors at the High Point Market including Matter Brothers, Haverty’s, Baers, Bacon’s, Clive Daniels and many more.



We in the design industry are lucky to have such a fabulous venue to view the entire array of home furnishings products all in one location. Every year, manufacturers launch their new product lines to those attending the show and is exclusive to the trade only. And though most of the products are manufactured overseas, we are beginning to see an increase of products with our beloved “MADE IN THE USA” label with every passing year. We try our best to scour the market to locate and support these companies who employ persons from all corners of our country.


Olena and Cheryl taking a breather at the show


The show is huge and takes up not a mere convention hall, but the entire city! Cheryl and I will be combing the showrooms for 5 days to return home having photographed thousands of products which we will share with our customers, friends and residents of Punta Gorda and Charlotte County. Bear with me as I list the product categories we will see – because there are several! They include Case Goods, Upholstery, Area Rugs, Lamps and Lighting, Mirrors, Art, Bedding, Accessories, Wallcoverings, Textiles, Drapery Hardware, Color and Silk Flowers. Hard on the feet but exciting to explore: it is the ultimate shopping experience!


The SandStar Design Center


You may ask, “How does SandStar differ from the other furniture stores?” Well, SandStar Interiors is in fact not a retail store, we are a Design Center that specializes in custom furniture and accessories. We do not try to sell you something off a showroom floor that 50 other people have already purchased, but we do have the capacity to provide our customers with all the same items as you would find in any store and can also provide price comparisons upon request. Quite often, we can provide unique items that free-standing stores cannot or will not purchase.



In conclusion, we will return home from High Point with thousands of photos of all the wonderful items at the show and will organize a slideshow presentation to share with you in the Fall of 2018. Many of the items we can supply to our customers will not be found in your local stores. We at SandStar Interiors are here to help furnish your homes throughout the year, no matter how large or small the project. Stay tuned for future notifications about our presentations!


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