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We have seen enormous improvements in synthetic fabrics in recent years.  And just as with most other trends, the Home Furnishings industry follows in the footsteps of the Apparel Industry when we speak about Performance Fabrics. Polyester and nylon fabrics today mimic silks beautifully. We’ve seen performance fabrics being used in apparel for quite some time in active sportswear, military gear and all sorts of protective wear. Fabrics now wick moisture away from the body to make one feel cooler, fabrics can be bullet proof and can even prevent divers from shark bites.  Similarly, technology is making a significant impact on Home Furnishing fabrics:




Crypton is the star performance fabric on the market today. Its technology creates a fabric that won’t absorb moisture so a spilled drink will bead up on the surface of your sofa or chair without leaving a stain. Crypton fabrics also resist odors.  The fabrics are soft and durable and the technology is built into the fibers, not sprayed onto the cloth, so the benefits of this process won’t wear off with use.  Crypton can be used indoors or outdoors.  The patented technology makes fabric behave like vinyl but feel soft as velvet. And, it’s an advancement created in the USA!





Everyone knows and respects the name Sunbrella; it’s been around for years. But Sunbrella has expanded their line to include all types of fabrics including some drapery weight sheers and even a terrycloth loop fabric to their collection. So, how about some outdoor wispy cabana drapery panels with some terry upholstery covers? Today Sunbrella fabrics are often being used on indoor furnishing applications; no longer confined to outdoor living alone. Sunbrella is solution dyed acrylic that is fade, stain and moisture resistant. It owes its colorfastness to dying the yarn before it is woven or knitted into fabric.





I’m not sure that Ultrasuede technically falls into the “performance fabric” category by the scientific world but it certainly merits a mention in my opinion. Ultrasuede is most probably the first synthetic fabric to have hit the Home Furnishings industry (1970’s) and it’s still going strong today. It was the first microfiber! It’s durable, has a comfortable and appealing handfeel, is available in umpteen colors and resists stains. What else is needed?!





Olefin (also known as polypropylene) is a synthetic fiber that is often used in outdoor area rugs as well as outdoor upholstery fabrics. In Florida we often see area rugs being used in lanai seating areas as well as entrance mats. Olefin takes dyes well so brightly colored products are easily produced and it resists staining and mildew and performs well in high UV locations. Though Olefin is not a newly developed material it too has been improved recently to have a more appealing handfeel. Remember when polyester was a “no-no”, and Olefin was a “oh my gosh, no”?  Not anymore!



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